525 N. Taylor St Green Bay, WI 54303
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Cup O Joy:

What address should I put in my gps to find the venue?
525 N. Taylor St, Green Bay, WI 54303 (put the zip code in to be on the safe side)

What are your guidelines regarding Covid-19?  See what we're doing Here!

Are you open during the week?  Cup O Joy is only open Friday and Saturday nights for the shows. 
See you then☺  There are Special Events happening in our lower level during the week.  See that info Under the 'Special Events at the Cup" tab on the home page https://www.cupojoy.com/

Can I bring the kids?
Cup O Joy offers family friendly shows. We believe that Live Music is a great way to connect children to the love of music.  It is however a 'Listening' environment, so if the kids are not happy.. no one is happy. For everyones comfort, you can take a fussy child to Cup1 where the show is streamed.
Security Policies: 
No Carry In’s Please...leave your food/drink containers in the car.  thanks!
No BackPacks or large purses, No Baby Furniture, Car seats or Strollers. please leave them in the car.

Service Animals:  Certified Service Animals are allowed at the venue. Therapy or emotional Support animals are Not allowed. 
If your animal causes damage, you will need to pay for the cleanup/repair + a 25% service fee.

Where do I Park when we come to Cup O Joy Shows?
Cup O Joy has a large parking lot, but there is also parking on both sides of Taylor St. Enter the parking lot through the north entrance. All patrons come and go from the north side door by the flag pole.
We want to stay over night in Green Bay…can you recommend a Hotel?  
We have several great Hotels that actually offer hotel discounts to
Cup O Joy Patrons.  Of course if it’s the night before a Packer Game….all deals are off☺ 
Check out the HOTELS HERE!

Do you sell food at Cup O Joy?
We sell snacks: coffee, juices, soda, popcorn, candy, chips, pizza, it's more theater style snacks.  We say, eat a little protein before you come and have a snack here at the Cup☺ 
Note: We ask you respect our policy of No Carry-ins!

Do you take a credit or debit card? 
Can you recommend a place close by to eat while we’re waiting for the show?                                            
We have several wonderful places to eat nearby including the 1951West right behind the Cup O Joy and the Narrow Bridge on Shawano Ave.

If we get an Early Bird, are we guaranteed a seat
An Early Bird Pass is to get you in the door a bit early so you can choose the best available seats.  The pass costs $6-$15 per person and allows early entry to choose the Best Seats, but will not hold a seat for you.  You’ll need to arrive before the doors officially open for the show (so look carefully at the time the doors open). 
If you want the saved seat of your choice, get a reserved seat for $25.  You choose your seat online and no need to rush, your seat is saved.  See all the info here.
How many people does Cup O Joy hold?
It all depends on which venue room we are using and how the furniture is arranged.  Cup2 has about 200 seats and Cup3 has 550 seats.  Sometimes it's all chairs and sometimes there is no furniture at all and the crowd stands (usually Rock shows).
How can there be no cover charge? 
All of the Cup O Joy shows are supported through a donation that is taken during the show.  The artist and the Cup O Joy are supported through that donation.  Quite an amazing thing!  Sooooo, it’s really important that everyone comes with the intention of being supportive…that’s what really what makes the whole thing work.
If you would like to support the Cup O Joy, check out more options HERE!
*Once a year Cup O Joy hosts a Benefit Concert, this doubles as a celebration of another year in ministry!

I hear Cup O Joy is all Volunteers Is that so? 
Yes, Cup O Joy has no paid staff… we are entirely made up of volunteers.
I’d like to be a Cup Volunteer... how do I do that? 
You can talk to someone behind the counter when you come to a show or email jano@cupojoy.com to get a volunteer application or find a link on our VOUNTEER page. These are the type of jobs people volunteer for: Lawn/yard upkeep, Lighting tech, Video Tech, Cleaning crew, counter help, seating/usher, door greeter.

I have another Question.. who can I contact?
email Jan at jano@cupojoy.com